Testis and epididymis
Infectious testicular lesions

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Definition / General
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Definition / General
  • Does not occur in U.S.
  • Rarely presents with orchitis (Am J Clin Pathol 1980;73:712)
  • Testicular involvement thought to be facilitated by lower temperature of scrotum
  • Three phases of testicular involvement:
    1. Vascular phase: blood vessels show perivascular lymphocytic inflammation and interstitium is filled with macrophages containing mycobacteria
    2. Interstitial phase: endarteritis, Leydig cell clusters, interstitial fibrosis, histiocytes containing acid fast bacteria and reduced spermatogenesis
    3. Obliterative phase: dense fibrosis, no detectable tubules, reduced vessels, rare acid fast bacteria; associated with gynecomastia and infertility