Thyroid gland
Benign neoplasms

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Definition / General
  • Very rare, benign congenital malformation of lymphatic development
  • Thyroid gland is most common site in head and neck
Clinical Features
  • Thyroid enlargement
  • Dyspnea
  • Normal thyroid function tests
  • Clinical, based on ultrasonography, FNAC or biopsy
Radiology Description
  • Ultrasound shows labyrinth of interconnecting cysts
Case Reports
  • Surgical excision
Micro Description
  • Lymphatic spaces of variable size, lined by attenuated endothelium, filled with proteinaceous fluid
  • The stroma in between is delicate collagenous
Micro Images

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Sites unspecified

H&E, skin

Differential Diagnosis
  • Cystic thyroid lesions