Thyroid gland
Papillary carcinoma
Warthin-like variant

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Definition / General
  • Features of oncocytic variant of papillary carcinoma plus brisk lymphoplasmacytic infiltrate in papillary stalks
  • Rare, usually women, resembles the salivary gland tumor
  • Usually no nodal or distant metastases (Ear Nose Throat J 2006;85:56)
  • Similar behavior to classic papillary carcinoma (Arch Pathol Lab Med 2000;124:1192)
  • Case Reports
  • 44 year old woman with 5 year history of diffuse multinodular goiter with enlarging thyroid gland (Case of the Week #386)
  • Gross Description
  • Tumors usually 2 cm or smaller
  • Micro Description
  • Circumscribed, papillary, centrally cystic, cells have oncocytic cytoplasm, papillary nuclear features; brisk lymphoplasmacytic infiltrate in papillary stalks
  • Micro Images

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    Case of the Week #386:

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    Various images

    Prominent chronic inflammatory infiltrate

    Fig 5: Prominent lymphoplasmacytic stromal infiltrate

    Cytology Description
  • Cellular smears with Hürthle cells in 3-dimensional groups, papillary fragments and as single cells with prominent lymphocytes and occasional plasma cells; Hürthle cells have granular eosinophilic cytoplasm, eccentric and pleomorphic nuclei and prominent nucleoli; papillary carcinoma nuclear features are present (Endocr Pathol 1998;9:317)
  • Positive Stains
  • Cytokeratin, thyroglobulin, Leu-M1 (Histopathology 2001;39:17)
  • Molecular / Cytogenetics Description
  • BRAF(V600E) mutation in 75% (Virchows Arch 2005;446:589)