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  • Also known as glandular and stroma breakdown
  • Common in perimenopausal women
  • Micro Description: condensation of endometrial stroma under surface endometrium and nuclear dust; associated with predecidualized stroma and glandular exhaustion; cannot assess architectural changes; may see signet ring cells (benign) if prolonged shedding
  • Differential diagnosis: small cell carcinoma
Dyssynchronous endometrium
Weakly proliferative endometrium:
  • Normal in prepubertal girls, perimenopausal or menopausal women
  • Proliferative glands (columnar or cuboidal epithelium with pseudostratification, elongated and densely basophilic nuclei), but relatively reduced number of mitotic figures
  • Glands usually tubular or cystic, may be closely packed
  • Stroma also appears inactive with variable collagenization and minimal mitotic activity