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Table of contents

General: primary referencesnormalcongenital anomaliesendometriosisileal conduitsinflammationnephrogenic metaplasia / adenomaobstruction

WHO/ISUP classification: generalhyperplasiaflat lesions with atypiadysplasiacarcinoma in situpapillary urothelial neoplasms-not carcinoma

Benign tumors: generalfibroepithelial polypleiomyoma

Malignant tumors: urothelial carcinomalymphoepithelioma-likemetastasesother uncommon tumorsstaging

Alphabetical table of contents

A-E: benign tumors:generalcarcinoma in situcongenital anomaliesdysplasiaendometriosis

F-N: fibroepithelial polypflat lesions with atypiahyperplasiaileal conduitsinflammationleiomyomametastasesnephrogenic metaplasia / adenomanormal ureter

O-Z: obstructionother malignant tumorspapillary urothelial neoplasms-not carcinomaprimary referencesstagingurothelial carcinomaWHO/ISUP classification:general

Primary references

AJCC Cancer Staging Manual (7th Ed)
Websites: Free on-line tutorial on WHO/ISUP

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