21 October 2009




This is our monthly email highlighting changes to PathologyOutlines.com.


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Thanks for visiting:

This month, we had record traffic of over 10,000 visits on one day, and we project a record 250,000 visits this month.  We appreciate your telling your colleagues, residents or fellows about our website, and we would be happy to respond to your comments.  Please contact Dr. Pernick directly at 248/646-0325 or NatPernick@hotmail.com.


Recent improvements:

(a) We have updated the Breast-Malignant chapter, now in an easy to read format with thumbnails.


(b) We are currently finalizing several Chemistry topics (cardiac markers, adrenal hormones), Molecular-PCR, Soft Tissue vascular tumors and Skin-blistering disorders. 


(c) We will soon start updating the staging sections of our textbook based on the new AJCC 7th edition.



Thanks to our new and renewing business advertisers: ARUP Laboratories, DermatopathologyConsultations.com, Genzyme Genetics, Pathology Service Associates, LLC (PSA) (business support services) and Vachette Pathology (billing and marketing consulting).


Contributing images: We invite you to contribute gross, microscopic, special stains or other images, particularly of uncommon entities. If you have a Flickr account, you can upload directly to our Flickr group at http://www.flickr.com/groups/pathologyoutlines/. We will post your name as the contributor (unless you want to be anonymous) and a link to them in the appropriate chapter of our online textbook, so pathologists and related personnel throughout the world can benefit from them. Using the Flickr account should speed up the process for posting on our website. For more information, click here.


Thanks to Dr. Asmaa Gaber Abdou, Menoufiya University, Egypt, for contributing images which we added to our PathologyOutlines.com Flickr group pool.  We’ve added links in the Uterus chapter to his pictures of Dysfunctional Uterine Bleeding.


Thanks to John Irlam, D.O., University of Toledo Medical Center (Ohio), for contributing images to our PathologyOutlines.com Flickr group pool. We’ve added links in the Skin-Nonmelanocytic tumors chapter to his pictures of Cylindroma, Trichilemmoma, Sebaceous Hyperplasia, Eccrine Poroma and Sebaceous Carcinoma, as well as links in the Skin-Melanocytic tumors chapter to his images of Blue Nevus.


Thanks to Ed Uthman, MD., Texas, for allowing us to add links to these Flickr images:

Cervix chapter - Squamous Cell Carcinoma

Lymphomas: B cell chapter - Burkitt’s Lymphoma

Oral Cavity chapter - Infectious Mononucleosis and

Placenta chapter - Incomplete / Partial Hydatidiform mole.


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