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About Us
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The history, purpose and vision of

Drs. Ayhan, Andeen, Tretiakova, Gonzalez, Pernick,
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The purpose of this website is to provide useful professional information to practicing Pathologists and laboratory personnel in 15 seconds or less.

General features

  • Access to the website is absolutely free. The website is entirely supported by advertising.
  • The website pages are full text searchable, either by using the search features of your browser or the Search box on our Home page.
  • does not require registration and does not ask for personal information to gain access to the features of the website. Furthermore, does not make any personal information available to advertisers, unless visitors ask for contact from specific companies.
  • Special attention to text formatting makes the website easy to navigate, using a minimal number of clicks.
  • Access to our logo is available here.

Specific features for the Pathology community

  • A regularly updated, comprehensive online textbook of surgical and clinical pathology, with extensive links to images (gross, microscopic, clinical and others), virtual slides and references. Chapters include clinical and surgical pathology topics as well as separate listings for CD markers, immunohistochemical and other Stains. We link only to images that do not require registration to view and to virtual slides that do not require plug-ins. We also prefer references with free full text with no registration / login, which are listed in dark green. Our goal is to update each topic every 2 years. Newly updated topics are written by the named Author and reviewed by our Editor-in-Chief or a Deputy Editor-in-Chief and a member of our Editorial Board.
  • A list of Pathologist / Ph.D. and other laboratory Job ads, organized by location and subspecialty, with separate lists of recently posted jobs, part-time or locum tenens jobs, Ph.D. jobs and open Pathology residency slots.
  • A regularly updated and extensive list of Pathology related Conferences, organized by date, subspecialty, location and organization, with links for further information.
  • A regularly updated and extensive list of Pathology related Fellowships, organized by date (for new openings), subspecialty and location, with links for further information.
  • A regularly updated and extensive list of Pathology related Books, organized by date posted, publisher, book series and subspecialty, with an author / title search. Some books are also posted on the main page of appropriate textbook chapters.
  • Case of the Month emails include a clinical history, images and a short discussion with references. All cases are listed by case number (with and without diagnosis) and by subspecialty (with and without diagnosis).
  • Our Industry News page provides announcements about new products and services and other important information of interest to the Pathology community.
  • Click here for information about our email blasts (newsletters).
  • The opportunity to advertise Jobs, Fellowships and Conferences / webinars for a one time, reasonable fee. Rapid postings and excellent customer service are part of the package.
  • We also post informative advertisements from companies providing products and services to the Pathology community.

Service commitment

As a customer, you should expect nothing less than the best possible service every time you deal with us, whether in person, on the telephone, via email or if you are simply a frequent visitor to our website. Our aim is to build a long term relationship with you. The foundation of this relationship is our Service commitment - to anticipate and exceed your expectations.


This website, which began in August 2001, is owned and managed by Nat Pernick, M.D., an AP/CP board certified Pathologist. Click here for more information on Dr. Pernick.

Our story

Click here to read the story of how Dr. Pernick started

History was founded in August 2001 by Nat Pernick, M.D., an AP/CP board certified pathologist who has worked with computers since 1974. Dr. Pernick has both medical and law degrees from the University of Michigan and completed graduate studies in mathematics at Wayne State University. His medical publications are listed at: PubMed, Google Scholar, ResearchGate, CV.

Dr. Pernick created based on his belief that medical information should be free and easily accessible. In 2001, initially consisted of 5 chapters (Ampulla of Vater, lymphomas/plasma cell neoplasms, pancreas, parathyroid gland and thyroid gland) (Wayback Machine: [Accessed 29 November 2001]). Each chapter included several topics on a single webpage, with brief information about each disease (Wayback Machine: - Ampulla of Vater [Accessed 29 November 2001]). By the end of 2005, there were over 50 chapters written by Dr. Pernick and chapters had begun to be formally reviewed and updated by outside pathologists (Wayback Machine: [Accessed 23 December 2005]).

In November 2011, the website began to update its format so that each topic in the 80 chapters would be on a single webpage, rather than including the whole chapter on one page (Wayback Machine: [Accessed 1 November 2011]). This format made it easier for topics to be written in greater detail and updated regularly. All 6,700+ topics were converted to the new format in February 2014. Minor changes have been made since then. In 2020, redundant and rare topics were deleted and many chapters and topics were merged to improve website navigation. As of March 2021, there are 60 chapters and 5,000+ topics.

In November 2012, in an effort to further improve the quality of the content, an Editorial Review Board was put together, consisting of section editors to peer review the content of a specific chapter. In September 2014, the Editorial Review Board evolved into a formal Editorial Board, consisting of members with subspecialty expertise. Members must have worked satisfactorily as an author at, with preference given to those with fellowship training/certification. As of March 2021, the Editorial Board has 25 members.

In December 2014, the website was transferred to a content management system to allow for more uniform pages, better formatting for mobile devices and a robust topic search capability (Wayback Machine: [Accessed 20 December 2014]). This initially started with changes to the home page; the entire site was converted in July 2018.

In February 2018, Debra Zynger, M.D., became the Deputy Editor-in-Chief, then became's first Editor-in-Chief in August 2018. Since February 2018, each newly updated topic has been reviewed by the Author, Deputy Editor or Editor-in-Chief, and an Editorial Board member. This has elevated the standard of each topic to ensure accurate, up-to-date content, thorough research and a uniform site format.

To date, we have used more than 900 Authors, staff pathologists who have published at least five non-case report journal articles about their subspecialty in the past 15 years. Fellows, senior residents and other staff may write for if their work is overseen by a qualified staff pathologist. continually adds authors with a goal of reviewing each chapter every two years, especially those written prior to 2018 before the newest standards were set.

Currently, employs 17 staff members who operate the website in Bingham Farms, MI and remotely:

Nat - CEO
Rosie - Chief Operating Officer, Sales
Kelli - Office manager
Kristi - Managing editor

Alyssa - HTML staff / editorial assistant
Ann - Marketing assistant
Brady - Administrative assistant
Dennis - Media specialist / advertising
Erin - Author coordinator
Jessica - Sales / account executive
Kelly - Sales / account executive
Latonia - HTML staff / editorial assistant, blog
Laura - Sales / account executive
Leah - HTML staff / editorial assistant
Roxanne - Media specialist / advertising
Sam - Author coordinator / social media
Sreela - HTML staff / editorial assistant, case of the month
Stef - HTML staff / editorial assistant, blog
Vic - Copy editor

We also use various consultants for bookkeeping, finance, IT, management, marketing and software support.

A Business Pledge

I, Nat Pernick, M.D., am the founder and owner of, Inc., a small business in Southeast Michigan since 2001. We provide a free online textbook to pathologists worldwide that helps them “Find Pathology Information Fast”. As a business owner for 40+ years, I believe that democratic values and institutions are indispensable to my business success and the well being of my employees. For that reason, I pledge to do what I can to promote free and fair elections in the United States. This includes giving my employees paid time off on election day to vote or serve as poll workers or engage in other related activities. I will also encourage voting by all eligible citizens, which is not only necessary for representative government to thrive but helps people understand society better and lead more fulfilling lives. I challenge other business owners to similarly pledge to support these democratic ideals.
October, 2020

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