1 July 2010 – Case of the Week #182


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Case of the Week #182


Clinical History


A 55 year old man presented with a 3.5 cm mass in his neck, which was excised.


Micro images:




4x                                10x



20x                              60x


Immunohistochemistry images:


CD34                           S100


What is your diagnosis?




























Spindle cell lipoma, pseudoangiomatous variant




Spindle cell lipomas are benign tumors usually found in the neck, shoulders or back of middle-aged men.  They are composed of parallel arrays of CD34+ bland spindle cells with eosinophilic cytoplasm, mixed with myxoid matrix and ropey collagen.  The background has adipose tissue and blood vessels.  There are no mitotic figures. 


The pseudoangiomatous variant is rare, and has branching, irregular spaces with villiform connective tissue projections, giving a striking angiomatoid appearance (Histopathology 1994;24:565).  The authors in a recent study demonstrated that the lining cells are positive for D2-40, a lymphatic marker, and recommend that this variant be called “angiomatous” (Pathol Int 2007;57:26).


Wide local excision of spindle cell lipoma is usually curative, with very rare recurrences (Cancer 1975;36:1852).


The differential diagnosis includes:


- Lipomatous hemangiopericytoma – adipose tissue, CD34+ spindle cells, variable myxoid stroma; vasculature is prominent but has large gaping sinusoidal spaces (“staghorn”)


- Myxoid lipoma: no prominent spindle cells, no vascular appearance, CD34 negative



Additional references: PathologyOutlines.com-Soft Tissue chapter


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