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23 January 2014 - Case of the Week #298

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Case of the Week #298

Clinical History:
A 65 year old woman receiving immune therapy for rheumatoid arthritis presented with a right lower lung mass. For intraoperative consultation (frozen section), a peripherally stapled wedge of lung parenchyma measuring 9 x 5 x 2 cm was received and sectioned, showing a reasonably well circumscribed nodular mass 9 x 1.5 cm immediately beneath the pleura.

Micro images:

What is your diagnosis?

Cryptococcus neoformans / gatti in lung


Permanent sections were also obtained:

Oil Immersion images


PAS stain

The frozen section showed lung parenchyma with a necrotizing granulomatous process with encapsulated fungal organisms, suggestive of Cryptococcus. Adjacent to the necrotizing granulomata are alveolar spaces whose lining pneumocytes are plump and atypical. No carcinoma is identified.

Permanent sections showed benign lung tissue with no evidence of malignancy. The presence of round, pleomorphic, extracellular yeasts with a large mucoid capsule, giving the appearance of a clear zone around a faint, round nucleus, is consistent with Cryptococcus.

The clinical differential diagnosis includes malignancy (Rev Inst Med Trop Sao Paulo 2013;55(3), Eur J Clin Microbiol Infect Dis 2013;32:101).

The histologic differential diagnosis includes Histoplasma, a small, oval, narrow budding, intracellular yeast, 2-5 microns, which causes deep fungal infections in specific US regions and internationally (eMedicine). The yeasts are often difficult to identify on routine staining, but GMS and PAS may be helpful. Acute cases may resemble lymphomatoid granulomatosis (Am J Surg Pathol 2010;34:541). Blastomycosis, has large budding yeasts (10-15 microns) with broad based buds and refractile walls. Coccidiomycosis, has large thick-walled spherules with variable sized daughter cysts.

Although most immunocompetent patients are asymptomatic, treatment with antifungals may be necessary in neonates or the immunocompromised to prevent dissemination and death.

Thanks also to Dr. Bobbi S. Pritt and others for their assistance with this Case.

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