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This directly contains 17,000+ pathologist profiles, including all known academic pathologists in the US and Canada except those that opted out. We are now creating profiles for nonacademic pathologists in the US and Canada. Of course, pathologists in other countries are welcome to sign up too (see the box below).
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Welcome to our Worldwide Directory of Pathologists

Click here for Dr. Pernick's short overview of the Directory, here for items to include and here for Frequently Asked Questions. This Directory is intended to promote communication between pathologists. It is NOT intended for patients, who should contact their own physicians. Copying the Directory is prohibited.

This Directory will include all Pathologists and pathology trainees that we can verify, including residents and fellows. If we have not yet created a profile for you, click to access the short form that our staff will use to create your profile. Pathologists have doctoral degrees and perform direct patient care at the level of an attending in AP or CP (more info here).

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