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Madhu Dewan, M.B.B.S., M.D.

Madhu Dewan, M.B.B.S., M.D.

Institution: Institute of Dermatopathology Jefferson Medical College
Location: England / United Kingdom
Subspecialties: Anatomic, Breast, Cytopathology, Dermatopathology, GI / liver, GU / adrenal, Gyn, Head & neck, Hematopathology, Research
Words of Wisdom
Keep update with latest developments in pathology. Learning is a continuous process. Benefit from websites for example Path Cast, Reporting data set on RCPATH UK website. Attend conferences, participate in national EQA schemes coordinated by RCPATH. Develop your own concepts. Know your limitations. While reporting sites like Pathology Outlines are really helpful. Better than Wikipedia, text books, pubmed etc.
Secrets of My Success
I consider resolving quandaries keeps me young, sane, and last but not the least my neurones are constantly tingled. I’ll be waisting my bonus years Lord has granted; if I do not get work as a pathologist. I like working seven days a week, to keep my desk clear.
Research Interests
Any complex case resolved, I like to put in print. I want to collate various images (faces) of a lesion so that people can diagnose in peripheral areas where ancillary studies are not available.
Fun Fact
I dance, sing, participate in theatre whenever I get a chance. I like to live as a happy person. Music and dance is part of me.
Consultations: Yes
Focus Groups: Yes

Enjoy reporting, and learning latest developments in pathology. This is Sherlockian business. The more you delve in resolving quandaries, the more deep you go into this never ending magnificent treasure. 

IHC, UFC, CYTOGENETICS are good in print. However, optimum diagnosis should be made on H&E. We can use these studies for confirmation of our morphological impression. At times, this may not be helpful. If clinical radiological and morphological correlation is present; I would disregard the stains. However, I can put in comment that it is not conclusive; probably because the high grade tumour is poorly differentiated.   In this situation the pathologist has given the clinician option, to look at the lesion in depth.   We should weigh the cost and benefit to patients for long term optimum clinical outcome, ASAP.  
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