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Maria Papazian, M.D.

Maria Papazian, M.D.

Institution: NIMTS Army Equity Fund Hospital
Location: Greece
Subspecialties: Breast, GI / liver, Gyn
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Maria Papazian
Subspecialty: Gyn
Diagnosis: Ovarian Gonadoblastoma
Words of Wisdom
There is no point in gaining knowledge if you are not willing to pass it on. 2 sets of eyes are always better than 1!
Secrets of My Success
Being patient, listen carefully, make thoughtful decisions. Choosing friends and a job that I love and then keeping a work-life balance.
Fun Fact
If I have a really hard time with a case, the best way to solve this is by sleeping on it or staring at the ceiling of my house! The same applies to other aspects of life.
Consultations: Yes
Focus Groups: No
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