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Sumaira Qayoom, M.D.

Sumaira Qayoom, M.D.

Institution: King George Medical University
Location: India
Subspecialties: Anatomic, Breast, Cytopathology, Head & neck, Molecular & genetics, Surgical
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Sumaira Qayoom
Subspecialty: Head & neck
Diagnosis: Meningothelial meningioma
Words of Wisdom
There are only two types of pathologists: those who have missed signet ring cell carcinoma and others who will miss it.
Secrets of My Success
Make empathy and curiosity your friends
Research Interests
Breast cancer pathology , immunohistochemistry , bio markers
Fun Fact
I get tachycardia while reporting squash cytology of brain lesions
Consultations: Yes
Focus Groups: No
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