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Revised: 3 December 2021

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Our Directory now contains 2700 profiles, including 10% of the estimated 20K US pathologists. Our goals are 15% by the end of 2021, 25% by USCAP and 50% by summer 2022. Review your profile for completeness or sign up today.
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Welcome to our Worldwide Directory of Pathologists

Click here for Dr. Pernick's short overview of the Directory, here for items to include and here for Frequently Asked Questions. This Directory is not intended for patients, who should contact their own physicians and not contact those listed here.

This Directory is open to all Pathologists and pathology trainees that we can verify, including residents and fellows. Click to access the short form that our staff will use to create your Directory profile. Pathologists have doctoral degrees and perform direct patient care at the level of an attending in AP or CP. Email corrections to - do NOT complete a second form.

Status: Currently, all verified information received by 28 November 21 has been posted. There are ~400 signups to post: and ~75 unverified profiles.

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