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Worldwide Directory of Pathologists: Frequently Asked Questions

Why should I sign up for the Directory?
  •   Promote yourself within the pathology community - add your Directory page to your email signature so others can learn more about you.
  •   Find pathologists with similar areas of interest.
  •   Search for pathologists that you meet at conferences or collaborate with.
  •   Pass down advice to the next generation of pathologists through your words of wisdom, secrets of your success, favorite pathology image or other
    information posted.
  •   The Directory creates a stronger pathology community as we get to know each other better.

How do I sign up?
  •   Complete the survey at, which only takes a few minutes.
  •   If you are currently an author for, you can simply send us an email to include your author information in the Directory.

What if I want to change the information on my Directory page or made a mistake while filling out the survey?
  •   Email corrections to us at
  •   Please do NOT complete a second survey.

How long will it take for my information to be posted?
  •   It typically takes 3 - 5 business days for information to be posted.
  •   The blue box on the main Directory page provides the current status of entries that have been posted.

How do I access my personal webpage?
  •   Using the search by last name function, find your name (highlighted in blue).
  •   Click on your name and you will be directed to your unique webpage with all of the personal information provided.

Who is the Directory for?
  •   The Directory is for any pathologist, defined as someone involved or in training to perform direct patient care at the level of an attending in AP or CP.
  •   Typical degrees are M.D., D.O., M.B.B.S. and Ph.D.
  •   This includes residents or fellows, but does not include medical students.

Why is verification required?
  •   We need to verify that you are actually a pathologist before posting your data since this Directory is only for pathologists and we have had improper
    submissions in the past.
  •   Ensuring that the data on the site is accurate makes the Directory a more valuable resource.

What verification is acceptable?
  •   You can provide the URL of a reputable webpage that shows (in English) that you are a pathology resident or fellow or are on staff as a pathologist.
  •   You can also provide URLs for LinkedIn, ResearchGate, GoogleScholar, Twitter or other pages that show that you are a pathologist.
  •   Alternatively, upload a certificate of pathology certification, preferably in English.
  •   We cannot post your information until you are verified as a pathologist.

If I am already an author, why should I sign up for the Directory?
  •   This page is different from the Author page because it connects the entire community of pathologists, not only those affiliated with
  •   The Directory also includes more information and provides pathologists with a personal webpage.

What is a focus group?
  •   Some businesses may want to talk to groups of pathologists in a focus group meeting to discuss issues of concern; typically this is paid.
  •   This question just asks if you might be interested; if we have an interested business, we will provide you specific details and you
    can decline to participate at that time.

Why do I need a headshot?
  •   With a headshot, pathologists find it easier to relate to you, in person or online. However, we can make an exception.
  •   Send us the largest size you have, up to 10MB.
  •   It does not need to be a new photo; it could be the same photo as on your institutional website page or on LinkedIn; you can also take a picture with
    your phone and email it to us.

What can I use for the favorite image?
  •   This should be an image that you actually own.
  •   Examples of favorite images can be found here.

What items can I include on my Directory webpage?
  •   Aside from the required information to post your webpage live, other types of information that can be included on your webpage are words of wisdom,
    secrets of your success, research interests, fun facts, favorite pathology image, links to social media accounts (i.e. Twitter, Instagram, Facebook,
    LinkedIn), ResearchGate or GoogleScholar profiles and personal or institutional webpages
  •   Here are some examples of Directories that highlight the type of information that you can include:
    Roberto Miranda
    Jerad Gardner
    Nat Pernick

Additional questions? Email us at
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