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Worldwide Directory of Pathologists: Frequently Asked Questions

Why should I sign up for the Directory?
  •   Promote yourself within the pathology community - add your Directory page to your email signature so others can learn more about you.
  •   Find pathologists with similar areas of interest.
  •   Search for pathologists that you meet at conferences or collaborate with.
  •   Pass down advice to the next generation of pathologists through your words of wisdom, secrets of your success, favorite pathology image or other
    information posted.
  •   The Directory creates a stronger pathology community as we get to know each other better.

How do I sign up?
  •   Complete the survey at, which only takes a few minutes.
  •   If you are currently an author for, you can simply send us an email to include your author information in the Directory.

What if I want to change the information on my Directory page or made a mistake while filling out the survey?
  •   Email corrections to us at
  •   Please do NOT complete a second survey.

How long will it take for my information to be posted?
  •   It typically takes 3 - 5 business days for information to be posted.
  •   The blue box on the main Directory page provides the current status of entries that have been posted.

How do I access my personal webpage?
  •   Using the search by last name function, find your name (highlighted in blue).
  •   Click on your name and you will be directed to your unique webpage with all of the personal information provided.

Who is the Directory for?
  •   The Directory is for any pathologist, defined as someone involved or in training to perform direct patient care at the level of an attending in AP or CP.
  •   Typical degrees are M.D., D.O., M.B.B.S. and Ph.D.
  •   This includes residents or fellows, but does not include medical students.

Why is verification required?
  •   We need to verify that you are actually a pathologist before posting your data since this Directory is only for pathologists and we have had improper
    submissions in the past.
  •   Ensuring that the data on the site is accurate makes the Directory a more valuable resource.

What verification is acceptable?
  •   You can provide the URL of a reputable webpage that shows (in English) that you are a pathology resident or fellow or are on staff as a pathologist.
  •   You can also provide URLs for LinkedIn, ResearchGate, GoogleScholar, Twitter or other pages that show that you are a pathologist.
  •   Alternatively, upload a certificate of pathology certification, preferably in English.
  •   We cannot post your information until you are verified as a pathologist.

If I am already an author, why should I sign up for the Directory?
  •   This page is different from the Author page because it connects the entire community of pathologists, not only those affiliated with
  •   The Directory also includes more information and provides pathologists with a personal webpage.

What is a focus group?
  •   Some businesses may want to talk to groups of pathologists in a focus group meeting to discuss issues of concern; typically this is paid.
  •   This question just asks if you might be interested; if we have an interested business, we will provide you specific details and you
    can decline to participate at that time.

Why do I need a headshot?
  •   With a headshot, pathologists find it easier to relate to you, in person or online. However, we can make an exception.
  •   Send us the largest size you have, up to 10MB.
  •   It does not need to be a new photo; it could be the same photo as on your institutional website page or on LinkedIn; you can also take a picture with
    your phone and email it to us.

What can I use for the favorite image?
  •   This should be an image that you actually own.
  •   Examples of favorite images can be found here.

Additional questions? Email us at
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