Directory Report
First Quarter 2023

Last revised 28 April 2023

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Directory report for Q1 2023
Nat Pernick, M.D.
27 April 2023

This is our first quarterly report on pathologists based on our Worldwide Directory of Pathologists. We are initially focusing on pathologists in the U.S. and Canada. We are excluding pathologists who requested inactivation of their profiles or who are deceased.

We currently have 20,169 profiles. For Canada, we believe the directory is > 90% complete. For the U.S., we believe we have profiles for > 90% of academic pathologists but are 3 - 6 months away from being > 90% complete for private pathologists.

Click here for our definition of a pathologist for purposes of the Directory.

We suggest that pathologists review their pathology profile at least annually or when they move institutions. Click to add or revise your profile or use our Name Search to review your profile.


As of 27 April 2023, the countries with the most profiles are

United States 16,798
Canada 2,177
India 223
Pakistan 76
England / UK 70
Turkey 61
Australia 49
Germany 42


As of 17 April 2023, the institutions with the largest numbers of pathologists are

University of Toronto academic 322
University of British Columbia academic 321
Mayo Clinic academic 304
Harvard-Mass General Brigham academic 285
Kaiser Permanente private 266
AmeriPath private 237
University of Utah academic 218
University of Pennsylvania academic 207
University of Texas MD Anderson Cancer Center academic 186
University of Washington academic 185
Johns Hopkins academic 182
University of California, San Francisco academic 181
Stanford University academic 180
Sonic Healthcare USA private 179
University of Michigan academic 179
University of Pittsburgh Medical Center academic 175
University of Calgary (Canada) academic 165
Washington University School of Medicine academic 164
Emory University School of Medicine academic 156
University of Texas Southwestern Medical Center academic 153
Northwell Health private 151

Note: click on descending or alphabetical for a complete institutional list to date.

We define academic as an institution with medical students or residents or that is affiliated with a university and has academic titles. Anything else is private, including industry and government institutions.

Specialties and subspecialties

We prefer pathologists to only list specialties or subspecialties in which they received specific training or have a particular interest. Pathologists that review almost all specimens should list anatomic or clinical pathology. Most pathologists should list at most 3 - 4 options.

To date, the top specialties or subspecialties listed worldwide are

Anatomic 11,460
Clinical 9,429
Cytopathology 3,130
Hematopathology 2,693
Molecular & genetics 2,109
Dermatopathology 1,455
GI / liver 1,566
Veterinary 1,410
Breast 1,031

Note: we are excluding surgical from this list (2,651) because its use does not appear to be consistent.


We currently have 45 ambassadors who help ensure that the Directory includes all practicing pathologists for their group (unless they opt out), tell us when pathologists come and go and otherwise assist in making the Directory as accurate as possible. More information about being an ambassador is here. If interested, please contact

Introductory Video

Future plans, in addition to adding more pathologists, are to add totals by U.S. state and Canadian province; academic versus private; and by trainee, staff or retired.

For the profiles, we will soon be adding pathologist titles, such as Assistant Professor or Medical Director (free text) and U.S. state or Canadian province (if applicable).

We welcome you to send your comments and suggestions to

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