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Q. What types of fellowship advertising are there?
A. You can have a highlighted listing ($700) or a one line listing ($400).

Q. What does a highlighted listing look like?
A. You can send us a text of your advertisement (up to 300 words), with a logo in GIF / JPG format as an attachment. A sample listing is:


California, Stanford University School of Medicine-GU

Stanford University School of Medicine
Department of Pathology
Genitourinary (GU) Pathology Fellowship
Opening for 2022-2023

At Stanford, we offer a dedicated Genitourinary Pathology Fellowship (1 position per year, ACGME accredited) that will provide in-depth training in GU pathology with the goal of becoming a specialist in the field. The Stanford Genitourinary Pathology Service is rich with both routine GU pathology and advanced consultative material to learn from. Graduated responsibility opportunities include a Junior Attending rotation, presenting at GU tumor boards, teaching opportunities (such as departmental fellow-led teaching conferences), and service as a point person and consultant on GU-pathology-related issues.

Elective and research time can be used to pursue additional subspecialty training in other areas (such as GYN, GI, or renal pathology) or to work on research projects. Departmental resources and support are available for clinicopathologic and translational research projects.

We offer a one-year GU fellowship that provides advanced, focused, and intensive training in diagnostic genitourinary pathology:
•   GU service fellowship rotation (consults, in house overflow cases, second reviews, tumor board coverage, overall service point person)
•   "Junior Attending" rotation (fellow reviews GU cases with assigned residents at "sign-out" and works up cases as if going to finalize independently, with hand-off to GU pathology faculty for report finalization and discussion)
•   Frozen section rotation
•   Surgical pathology selectives (including "Hotseat" preliminary review of all cases prior to residents with focus on GU bench)
•   Research
•   Elective
•   Vacation and educational/conference leave (4 weeks total)

Prerequisites: 3 yrs AP or 4 yrs AP/CP

Application Process:
Please fill out the application form (http://med.stanford.edu/pathology/education/clinical-fellowships/gu-fellowship.html) and send along with supporting documents (preferred via email) to:

Dr. Chia-Sui (Sunny) Kao, MD
Director of Genitourinary Pathology
Department of Pathology
Stanford University School of Medicine
300 Pasteur Drive, Room L235
Stanford, CA 94305-5324
Telephone: (650) 723-8824
Email: ckao2@stanford.edu

[#8500, exp. 08 February 2020]

Q. What does a one line listing look like?
A. A one line listing includes the state / location, name of the fellowship, subspecialty, year(s) available and a link. If no link is available, we will include a contact name, telephone number and email address:


New York, NYU Langone Health - Women's Pathology, openings for 2022, [#8953c, exp. 25 October 2021]

Q. How many visitors does the site have?
A. PathologyOutlines.com is the world's most popular pathology website. Click here for our statistics.

Q. How do I post a highlighted Fellowship ad?
A. To post a highlighted fellowship ad, email Ads@PathologyOutlines.com with the text, links and the year(s) the fellowship is available. Logos (optional) should be 30K or less in GIF or JPG format. We will format the ad, post it within 1 business day and confirm the posting by email. We will invoice you and require payment within 30 days. New advertisers must prepay. The ad will run for one full year and you can make changes to the ad at any time, other than changing the subspecialty, for no additional charge .

Q. How do I post a one line Fellowship ad?
A. To post a one line fellowship ad, email Ads@PathologyOutlines.com with the location, fellowship name, subspecialty, year(s) available and link. We will post the ad within 1 business day and confirm the posting by email. We will invoice you and require payment within 30 days. New advertisers must prepay.

Q. Can I list my fellowship under more than one specialty for the same price?
A. We will list your ad under one specialty for the standard pricing. If you would like your ad to appear under more subspecialties, those will be 50% off standard pricing for each additional subspecialty.

Q. Do you offer promotional packages for 6 or more fellowship listings (highlighted listings)?
A. Yes. For advertisers who purchase these packages, we have several options for bonus advertising via E-blasts, social media blasts or chapter banner advertising. Please see the blue box on our Fellowships page for a list of options. Contact us with any questions.

Q. How long will my fellowship ad be posted?
A. Fellowship listings run for one year from the posting date.

Q. I want to remove the ad before the expiration period. Do I get a credit for the balance? Can I re-post it later for no additional charge as long as it is before the expiration date?
A. Once the ad is posted, you cannot get a refund or partial refund. The ad will run for one year. We can make it inactive, to be reactivated within the one year period upon your request. However, being inactive does not "extend" the year period.

Q. Can I pay by credit card?
A. Yes, you can pay with a credit card in many ways. First, you can pay via the QuickBooks link on your invoice. Second, you can pay online. Go to the Home Page at www.PathologyOutlines.com and click on the Fellowships link at the top. Then scroll down to the blue box and select the "pay online" link for the option of your choice. Third, payment links are also available from the Payment link at the top of the Home Page. Fourth, you can telephone (248) 646-0325 and give us your account holder name and address, credit card type, credit card number, expiration date and security code (3 digits for Visa and Mastercard, 4 digits for American Express).

Q. If I want to pay by check or money order, where do I send it?
A. Our mailing address for checks and correspondence is: PathologyOutlines.com, Inc., 30100 Telegraph Road, Suite 408, Bingham Farms, MI (USA) 48025.

Q. What if I am posting an ad from outside the United States / Canada? How do I pay for the ad?
A. These ads must be prepaid. We accept credit card payments (online or over the phone) or company checks for these ads. Unfortunately, we cannot accept Wire Transfers.

Q. Who can I talk to if I have questions?
A. Please contact our staff at (248) 646-0325 or at Ads@PathologyOutlines.com.

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