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Definition / general
  • Neoplastic proliferation of plasma cells; may be associated with multiple myeloma
  • Plasma cell neoplasm composed of plasma cells in any stage of differentiation
  • Rare in bladder
  • Most patients have known multiple myeloma or develop multiple myeloma
Clinical features
  • Tumors look and act like solid tumors
  • May be associated with serum and urine monoclonal immunoglobulins
  • May recur, usually don’t cause death
Case reports
Gross description
  • Single or nodular mass of bladder wall
Microscopic (histologic) description
  • Mature and immature plasmacytoid forms, including giant cells
  • Tumor cells have typical plasma cell morphology with eccentric nuclei and perinuclear hoffs or can be atypical with giant cells
Microscopic (histologic) images

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Tumors (left to right) of adrenal gland, nasopharynx, lung, testis

Cytology description
Positive stains
  • CD138+, weakly positive for CD20 and CD45RB, variably positive for EMA; may express IgA or IgM
  • Restricted light chain expression (kappa or lambda but not both)
Negative stains
  • Keratin
Differential diagnosis
Additional references
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