Bone marrow nonneoplastic
Infectious / inflammatory
Dengue fever

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Definition / general
Clinical presentation and diagnosis
  • Characteristic skin rash similar to measles
  • Fever, headache, muscle and joint pain
  • Rarely presents with life threatening hemorrhagic fever
  • Leukopenia, lymphocytosis with atypical lymphocytes in peripheral blood
  • Confirmation by serology or PCR
Case reports
  • Patient with hemoglobin H disease and acute myeloid leukemia precipitated by dengue virus infection (Haematologica 2001;86:E17)
  • Usually supportive (oral rehydration, intravenous fluids, etc.)
Clinical images

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Typical rash of dengue fever

Aedes aegypti

Microscopic (histologic) description
Microscopic (histologic) images

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Stars indicate erythrocytes phagocytized by a macrophage

Electron microscopy images

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Dengue virus virions

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