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Nat Pernick, M.D.
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Definition / general
  • Also called activation inducer molecule (AIM), early activation antigen (EA-1)
  • Earliest inducible cell surface glycoprotein acquired during lymphoid activation
  • Involved in early events of T cell, NK cell, monocyte and platelet activation
  • Associated with Th-1 T cell differentiation and associated cytokines (IL-2, TNF-alpha, interferon-gamma, Hum Pathol 2002;33:330)
  • Highly expressed on T cells from inflammatory infiltrates of rheumatoid arthritis (Clin Exp Rheumatol 2004;22:331), viral hepatitis and autoimmune thyroid disorders
  • Expression on CD3+ and CD8+ peripheral blood T cells correlates with acute graft rejection in renal allograft recipients (Transplantation 2003;76:190)
  • May promote lymphocyte retention in lymphoid organs (Nature 2006;440:540)
  • References: OMIM #107273
Uses by pathologists
  • No significant clinical use by pathologists
Positive staining - normal
  • Activated T cells, B cells, NK cells, neutrophils, eosinophils, epidermal Langerhans cells, platelets and thymocytes
Positive staining - disease
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