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Nat Pernick, M.D.
Marilin Rosa, M.D.
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Diff-Quik stain
Definition / general
  • Also spelled Diff - Quick
Liquid based cytology
  • Head of spatula, where cells are lodged, is broken off into small glass vial containing preservative fluid or rinsed directly into preservative fluid
  • Sample is sent to lab, then spun and treated to remove mucus, pus or other obscuring material
  • Random sample of remaining cells is taken and deposited onto a slide

Clinical features
Clinical images

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Smearing and slide preparation

Papanicolaou (Pap) stain
Definition / general
  • Multichromatic staining histological technique developed by George Papanikolaou
  • Classic form involves five dyes in three solutions (IHC World: Papanicolaou Stain (Pap Stain) Protocol [Accessed 9 April 2019], Wikipedia: Papanicolaou Stain [Accessed 9 April 2019])
  • An alcohol dried preparation that produces better nuclear detail than air fixation
  • Stains ribosomes blue green, particularly in parabasal cells, mesothelial cells and metaplastic squamous cells
  • Stains metabolically inactive cells pink, such as superficial cells
  • Stains keratinized cells or thick specimens orange (benign or malignant)
  • Must fix smear quickly and stain carefully; air dried smears are inadequate

Clinical images

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Smearing and slide preparation

Procedure for staining

Cytology images

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smears: examples
of good cellularity

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