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Platelet hyperaggregation studies

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Jeremy C. Parsons, M.D.
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Definition / general
  • Hyperaggregation may rarely be associated with hypercoagulability, including myocardial infarction, strokes and venous thrombosis
  • Tested patients should have abstained from aspirin, NSAIDs or platelet-inhibiting drugs for 7 days prior to testing

  • Indications: patients with unexplained hypercoagulability and normal values in hypercoagulation panel
  • Similar to platelet aggregation
  • Centrifuge citrated plasma gently to draw red and white blood cells into a pellet, which leaves platelets suspended in the plasma
  • Then add various agonists at multiple low concentrations and a control (no agonist, to measure spontaneous aggregation), and measure platelet aggregation with an aggregometer (which measures optical density)
  • Must carefully evaluate patient's use of medications (including over the counter)
  • Must compare to normal control, and results can be subjective
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