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Definition / general
  • Junction between adjacent bones that provide painless range of motion and stability
  • Synovial or nonsynovial

  • Synovial joints:
    • Also called diarthroses
    • Contain joint space between ends of bones formed by endochondral ossification
    • Joints covered by hyaline cartilage, strengthened by dense fibrous capsule continuous with periosteum of bones and an inner synovial membrane
    • Joint is reinforced by ligaments and muscles
    • Presence of joint space allows wide range of motion and maintains stability during use

  • Nonsynovial joints:
    • Also called solid joint or synarthrosis
    • No joint space present
    • Provides structural integrity and minimal movement
    • May be fibrous / synarthrosis (cranial sutures, bonds between roots of teeth and jaw bones) or cartilaginous / amphiarthrosis (manubriosternalis and pubic)

  • Bursae:
    • Found when muscles, tendons and skin glide over bony prominences
    • Subject to same diseases as large joint spaces

  • Menisci:
    • Composed of collagen arranged circumferentially with some radial fibers
    • In young adults, are white, translucent and supple
    • Become more opaque, yellow, less supple in elderly
Diagrams / tables

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Shoulder joint

Different types of synovial joints

Gross images

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Elbow joint; deep dissection; anterior view

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