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FSGS-glomerular tip lesion

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Definition / general
  • Segmental glomerular lesions at the tubular opening or tip changes are found in the renal biopsies of adults in many disorders
  • In focal and sclerosing glomerulosclerosis, appears to have similar response to therapy as classic disease (Nephrol Dial Transplant 2011;26:2215)
  • Associated with childhood minimal change nephropathy (Pediatr Nephrol 2008;23:1281)
Microscopic (histologic) description
  • Sclerosis only in portion of glomerulus opposite the hilus, forming an adhesion near the opening of Bowman space into proximal tubule
  • Capillary lumina of sclerotic loops may be obliterated by swollen endothelial cells with vacuoles and foam cells
Microscopic (histologic) images

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Glomerular tip lesion

Immunofluorescence description
  • Segmental IgM and C3
Electron microscopy description
  • Lesions resemble FSGS except for their location at the tubular pole
Electron microscopy images

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Severe effacement of
foot processes overlying
patent capillaries

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