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Laryngeal cysts

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Definition / general
  • Ductal (75%) or saccular (24%); lined by squamous or respiratory mucosa or both
  • Ductal cyst: due to dilation of mucous glands; small, superficial, usually in true vocal cord or epiglottis
  • Laryngocele: air containing dilation of tip of ventricle that communicates with ventricle via a narrow stalk; either internal or external or both; may become infected and accumulate pus (laryngopyocele)
  • Oncocytic cyst: type of ductal cyst lined partially or completely by oncocytes; often has papillary infoldings; may recur; rarely is diffuse within the larynx
  • Saccular cyst: due to distention of laryngeal saccule; large, deep, often within ventricle; may cause neonatal airway obstruction; contains mucus
  • Tonsillar cyst: squamous lined crypt-like structure with abundant lymphoid follicles in cyst wall
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Three types of laryngocele (fig 30)

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