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Granulocytic sarcoma

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Nalini Gupta, M.D.
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Definition / general
  • Extramedullary tumor of malignant myeloid precursor cells (also called nonleukemic granulocytic sarcoma)
  • Can arise de novo or be the sole manifestation of relapse
  • Also called chloroma due to green color imparted by myeloperoxidase in myelogenous leukemic cells (Eur J Radiol 2012;81:472)
Clinical features
Radiology description
  • Mixed cystic and solid adnexal mass with intermediate signal intensity on T1 weighted images and hypointensity on T2 weighted images (Br J Radiol 1999;72:301)
Prognostic factors
  • Poor prognosis if arises de novo compared to known cases of AML
Case reports
  • Surgery followed by induction chemotherapy (daunorubicin / cytosine arabinoside) followed by three cycles of consolidation chemotherapy (cytosine arabinoside)
Gross description
  • Lobulated solid / cystic mass 5-10 cm
  • Outer surface encapsulated and cut surface is tan grey with multiple small hemorrhagic and brownish areas
Gross images

AFIP images

Acute leukemia

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Lobulated solid mass of ovary

Microscopic (histologic) description
  • Monomorphic population of small round cells diffusely infiltrating ovarian stroma
  • Discohesive cells lying in sheets
  • Cells have scant to moderate basophilic cytoplasm; are hyperchromatic, with high nuclear cytoplasmic ratio, coarse chromatin, conspicuous nucleoli
Microscopic (histologic) images

AFIP images

Thin cords

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Myeloperoxidase, CD45, alkaline phosphatase, vimentin

Cytology description
  • Large round to oval cells with moderate pale blue cytoplasm, high nuclear / cytoplasmic ratio
  • Nuclei are round to oval with 2-4 prominent nucleoli (blast cells)
  • Few large monocytoid cells with prominent nucleoli
Cytology images

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FNA breast (fig 2C-2E)

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