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Metastatic mucinous carcinoma to ovary

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Definition / general
  • Primary sites: 45% GI, 20% pancreas, 18% gynecologic, 8% breast, 10% unknown
  • Features favoring metastasis and not primary ovarian tumor are history of extra-ovarian primary mucinous adenocarcinoma, bilaterality, surface implants (gross or microscopic), infiltrative or nodular invasive pattern, ovarian hilar involvement (due to tumor emboli), single cell invasion, signet ring cells, vascular invasion, surface mucin (Am J Surg Pathol 2003;27:281-92); CDX2+ tumor cells suggests GI primary (Mod Pathol 2003;16:913)
  • Terminology
    • Surface implant: nodular protrusion above adjacent cortical surface, composed of neoplastic glands and single cells
    Gross description
    • Usually bilateral tumors or unilateral tumors < 10 cm, involves surface / superficial cortex, typically with nodular pattern; also surface implants
    Microscopic (histologic) description
    • Nodular pattern of invasion characterized by circumscribed aggregates of glands surrounded by zones of normal ovarian stroma, particularly in superficial ovary
    • May be mixed with haphazard infiltrative mucinous glands irregularly distributed throughout ovarian stroma
    • Borderline-like areas usually display much greater cytologic atypia than primary borderline / benign mucinous tumors
    • Metastatic pancreatic carcinoma may contain bland mucinous epithelium simulating mucinous cystadenoma
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