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Definition / general
  • WHO classification of tumors of the urinary and male genital tumors
  • Currently on 5th edition, published in 2022
Major updates
  • Terminology for squamous cell carcinoma groupings has been changed from non-HPV related to HPV independent and from HPV related to HPV associated
  • Papillary basaloid carcinoma, warty basaloid carcinoma, pseudohyperplastic carcinoma, pseudoglandular carcinoma, carcinoma cuniculatum and mixed squamous cell carcinoma have been removed as distinct subtypes
  • Pseudohyperplastic and pseudoglandular patterns are now a part of squamous cell carcinoma, usual type
  • Carcinoma cuniculatum pattern is now a part of verrucous carcinoma
WHO classification 2022 (ICD-O morphology terms if different)

Board review style question #1
Which marker is utilized in the classification scheme of penile squamous cell carcinoma?

  1. ALK
  2. HPV
  3. PTEN
  4. TFEB
  5. TFE3
Board review style answer #1
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