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Shaheed W. Hakim, M.D.
Trevor A. Flood, M.D.
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  • In the fresh state, cut the proximal resection margin en face
  • Three important areas of the resection margin need to sampled:
    1. Proximal urethra and surrounding periurethral cylinder composed of epithelium, subepithelial connective tissue (lamina propria), corpus spongiosum and penile fascia
      • The urethra may be retracted but it is important to locate it and submit its circumference entirely
    2. Corpora cavernosa separated and surrounded by tunica albuginea and Buck fascia
    3. Skin of shaft with underlying corporal dartos
  • Fix the remaining specimen in 10% buffered formalin overnight
  • After fixation, section the glans and shaft longitudinally (sagitally) in two halves, using the meatus and anterior urethra as a guide
  • Do NOT probe the urethra as doing so can result in distortion of the urethral mucosa
  • If foreskin is present:
    • Measure its length and identify the presence / absence of phimosis
    • If not affected by tumor, separate the foreskin leaving a 3 mm margin from the coronal sulcus and include it as a circumcision specimen
  • Do NOT remove foreskin if it is affected by tumor
  • Document the tumor size, location, color, growth pattern and distance from resection margin
  • Take a photograph of the specimen showing the maximum tumor depth of invasion
  • Map the photograph according to sections submitted
  • Section each half longitudinally along the specimens' longest axis, at 3 to 5 mm intervals
  • Submit entirely the section which depicts the deepest anatomical level infiltrated by tumor
  • If tumor affects multiple anatomical compartments, submit at least three sections of each compartment affected
  • Sections should always attempt to include adjacent nontumoral mucosa
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Periurethral corpus spongiosum involvement

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Cross section of the penis

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Penis anatomy

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SCC involves corpora cavernosa

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Partial penectomy specimen

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Mapped partial penectomy specimen

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