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Benign male urethral lesions

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Turki Al-Hussain, M.D.
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Definition / general:
  • Usually women, either acquired or congenital
  • In adults, usually secondary to infection, trauma, calculus, obstruction, dilation or inflammation of paraurethral gland
  • Carcinoma may arise in diverticula very rarely

Microscopic (histologic) description:
  • Lined by urothelium, with or without squamous or glandular metaplasia
  • Submucosa is often edematous and inflamed
  • Nephrogenic adenoma may arise in diverticula
Inverted papilloma

Definition / general:
  • Rare in urethra
  • Similar to those in bladder

Definition / general:
  • Most common soft tissue tumor of urethra
  • Relatively common in women, rare (< 10 reported) in men

Case report:
  • 48 year old man with quadriplegia (Arch Pathol Lab Med 2000;124:302)
  • Nephrogenic (mesonephric) adenoma

    Definition / general:
    • Metaplastic change, not neoplastic, common in urethra
    • Similar to lesions in bladder neck

    Definition / general:
    • Rare in urethra
    • Similar to those in bladder
    Polypoid urethritis

    Definition / general:
    • Urethral counterpart of polypoid cystitis

    Definition / general:
    • May occur in childhood and simulate a neoplasm
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