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CCR6 (CD196)

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Definition / general
  • C-C chemokine receptor type 6 gene
  • Note: also refers to Clostridium difficile isolate
  • Member of G protein-coupled receptor superfamily at 6q27, 374 amino acids (MW 42K Da, Wikipedia)
  • Binds only a single ligand, CCL20 / macrophage inflammatory protein 3 alpha / MIP-3 alpha (Exp Cell Res 2011;317:613)
  • Important for B lineage maturation, antigen driven B cell differentiation
  • Mediates recruitment of T cells to inflamed sites (Arthritis Res Ther 2012;14:R73, J Dermatol 2012;39:838)
  • CCL20-CCR6 axis mediates migration of circulating regulatory T cells into tumor microenvironment; may cause tumor progression in colon, liver, lung, prostatic carcinomas (PLoS One 2011;6:e24856, PLoS One 2011;6:e24671)
Diagrams / tables

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Immature dendritic cells traffic to lung via CCR6 / CCL20 axis

Clinical features
Uses by pathologists
  • No significant clinical uses at this time
Microscopic (histologic) images

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Lung: nonsmall cell lung carcinoma

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Lung: sarcoidosis

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Lymph node: melanoma

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Spleen: memory T cells

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Tonsils: inflamed

Positive staining - normal
  • Immature dendritic cells, memory T cells that produce IL17 or IL22 (Th17 or Th22, J Exp Med 2011;208:1875)
  • Lymphoid tissue in GI tract
Positive staining - disease
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