Vulva, vagina & female urethra


Features to report

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Sarah Strickland, M.D.
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Features to report-vagina
  • Anatomic site and location
  • Size
  • Depth of invasion
  • Histologic type
  • Histologic grade
  • Pagetoid spread
  • Type of invasion (infiltrating, pushing, mixed)
  • Angiolymphatic invasion
  • Adjacent organs
  • Margins
  • Presence of VAIN, condyloma acuminatum, adenosis
  • Descriptive features (ulcers, etc.)
  • Lymph nodes: total, number positive, location, tumor size
  • If adjacent tissue is involved
  • References: Arch Pathol Lab Med 1999;123:62
Features to report-vulva
  • Specimen type
  • Procedure
  • Tumor site / location
  • Tumor focality
  • Tumor size
  • Histologic type and grade
  • Thickness of tumor: measured in millimeters from the surface of the tumor or, if keratinization, from the bottom of the granular layer to the deepest point of invasion
  • Depth of invasion: measured in millimeters from the epithelial-stromal junction of the adjacent, most superficial dermal papilla to the deepest point of invasion
  • Tumor growth pattern (infiltrating, pushing, mixed)
  • Margins
  • Lymphovascular invasion
  • Lymph nodes (total, location, number positive, tumor size, extranodal extension)
  • Distant metastasis
  • Pathologic staging
  • Presence of vulvar intraepithelial neoplasia
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