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Curing Cancer Network Monthly Newsletter
March 2023

Dr. Pernick has posted a new essay on premalignant disease. See

We have posted a new essay, The top causes of U.S. cancer deaths and lung cancer, on our Curing Cancer Network blog. What are the top causes of U.S. cancer deaths? Are U.S. cancer deaths still increasing? What lessons have we learned from studying lung cancer? Visit to read this short essay and find out.

Dr. Pernick has written a short case history of his own skin cancer at

Many vegan restaurants have recently closed in the Detroit area.These closures, of course, affect the restaurant owners, employees and customers, but these restaurants also served another purpose, to emphasize the importance of a diet based on vegetables, fruits and whole grains to keep us healthy and reduce cancer. See the complete post at (image courtesy of Harvard University)

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Twice a week we post interesting cancer related images of malignancies with diagnoses.


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Check out Dr. Pernick's blog with weekly photos and discussions (for nonpathologists) of interesting malignancies, as well as essays on politics, medicine and science at

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