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Revised: 17 November 2014

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Chaponnier: Tissue Repair, Contraction and the Myofibroblast
By Christine Chaponnier, Alexis Desmoulière and Giulio Gabbiani

2006 (1st ed), 154 pages, 60 illus, $139 list

Summarizes the most recent findings concerning the myofibroblast, a cell involved in the evolution and contraction of granulation tissue and of fibrotic changes. This recent work shows that the myofibroblast is responsible for the development of pathological situations such as hypertrophic scars, pulmonary and renal fibrosis and bronchial asthma.



Chhieng: Updates in Diagnostic Pathology
By David C Chhieng and Gene P Siegal

2005 (1st ed), 200 pages, 148 illus, $139 list

Updates in Pathology provides pathologists and immunologists with a current view of basic pathology and immunology and its subdivisions, as well as topics in basic science, research and technology associated with pathology and immunology on all levels.  more


Eisenbrey: Tissue and Cell Banking; January 2005, 240 pages, $75.  The science of tissue and cell banking continues to advance.  Experts examine the banking of tissues such as heart valve and vascular tissue, bone and connective tissue, skin, and occular tissues.  Bone marrow and peripheral blood stem cells, cord blood banking, embryonic and cardiac stem cells are also discussed. Articles on fertility, xenograft tissue and cells, government regulation, as well as complications are also included.


Holci: Apoptosis in Health and Disease : Clinical and Therapeutic Aspects; February 2005, 260 pages, $90.  This book surveys the underlying molecular mechanisms of apoptosis, investigates its role in degenerative and other diseases, and evaluates potential therapies that will permit appropriate activation or inhibition of apoptosis in disease and injury states.  more


Paramio: Intermediate Filaments
By Jesus Paramio

2006 (1st ed), 160 pages, 53 illus, $139 list

Focuses on desmin and other intermediate filaments in disease and health. This new volume will serve as a resource for graduate students and researchers in the field.



Smith: The Aquatic Roots of Human Pathology; 2002, 216 pages, $25.  To facilitate the goal of encouraging a study of marine biology for clinical applications, my previous book, Treasures from the Sea for Medicine, was written in an easy-to-read fashion.  The present book is a natural sequel in providing a more comprehensive text.  I hope it will bring the two fields of marine biology and medicine closer to becoming one.


Smith: Treasures from the Sea for Medicine; 2000, 108 pages, $13.  Clams and other mollusks have many urinary tracts, and these are almost universally filled with stones.  The most common inorganic constituent of their stones is calcium phosphate, also common in human stones.  Perhaps mollusks, along with sea squirts, could be useful in studying urinary tract stone formation and prevention. 


Srivastava: Apoptosis, Cell Signaling, And Human Diseases: Volume 1
By Rakesh Srivastava

2006 (1st ed), 479 pages, $145 list

Presents a concise synthesis of recent developments in the understanding of both cell survival and apoptotic pathways. Particular attention is given to apoptosis in human diseases, such as different forms of cancer and neurodegenerative diseases. Volume 1 is divided into two sections: “Malignant Transformation and Metastasis” and “Molecular Basis of Disease Therapy.”


Thubrikar: Vascular Mechanics and Pathology

By Mano J Thubrikar

2006 (1st ed), 504 pages, 255 illus, $99 list

Opening new doors for interdisciplinary research, Vascular Mechanics and Pathology establishes a correlation between vascular mechanics and pathology that could lead to the reduction of vascular diseases, as well as the development of new treatments.


Young-Joon: Oxidative Stress, Inflammation And Health; April 2005, 425 pages, $170.  Provides a mechanistic basis for cellular alterations by prooxidative and proinflammatory insults, introduces the most recent methods to combat oxidative stress and inflammatory cell/tissue damage, contains the latest studies on the regulation of gene expression by oxidants and antioxidants, studies chemopreventive strategies targeting intracellular signaling and examines the use of natural antioxidants for disease prevention.  more


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