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Last revised 19 December 2015
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This page lists information about using materials on this website, with regard to copyright protection.

All material on our website is protected by our copyright. Of course, our copyright does not extend to material accessible by links.

We allow anyone to link to any page of at any time, as long as (a) you attribute the information as "courtesy of", (b) you do not misrepresent the content as your own and (c) you do not charge for accessing this information. We do not require you to tell us about these links.

We do NOT allow you to copy paragraphs or pages of text to your website. This is a violation of US copyright law, and subjects you to civil and criminal penalties, regardless of your use of the material. In the past, we have had web pages removed, or had websites shut down that violated our copyright in this way. If you want to reference our material, use a link instead. This not only spares you the legal process, but allows your visitors to see the most current information on our website.

We receive many questions about use of images on our website. Some images are owned by us, some are contributed by others for our use, and some are links to images owed by third parties.

Images owned by us have URLs that begin
We allow free use of these images, as long as you attribute the images to "courtesy of". You may want to indicate the Chapter name and Topic name where you found the image.

Images whose URLs are: of organ system
typically are from the Armed Forces Institute of Pathology, Third Series. These images were produced by the U.S. Government, and by law, are not subject to copyright. The attribution should be "courtesy of AFIP and"

Images on our Flickr Page begin with and are from contributors to our website. The attribution should be "courtesy of name of contributor listed on Flickr page and"

Image links to other websites are NOT owned by us. You have to contact them to ask for permission. Typically, they are from a journal or image website, and the URL indicates the name of the journal / website. You can do a Search to find contact information.

To the owners of images that we link to: based on the Perfect 10 vs. Amazon case, copying a thumbnail does not violate the Copyright Law, because it is considered "fair use". But we don't even do that - we merely use links, which are not copies, and so copyright law does not apply. has had several lawyers research this matter, and is careful not to even come close to copyright violations. But if you have concerns, please contact us.

For further questions, please contact us at or call Dr. Pernick at 248/646-0325.

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