Thymoma and related entities
Thymoma staging

Author: Hanni Gulwani, M.D. (see Authors page)

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Staging (Masaoka)
  • I: Totally encapsulated grossly and microscopically (includes microscopic invasion into but not through the capsule)
  • IIA: Microscopic invasion through capsule but totally excised
  • IIB: Transcapsular infiltration into thymus, mediastinal soft tissue or pleura
  • III: Invades pericardium, great vessels, lungs
  • IVA: Seeds pericardial or pleural surfaces multifocally
  • IV: Distant metastases
Substaging (Haniuda)
  • II - p0: No adhesion to pleura
  • II - p1: Fibrous adhesions between tumor and pleura without true invasion of pleura
  • II - p2: Actual pleural invasion