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Definition / General
  • Benign, commonly presents as incidental tumor of muscularis mucosa of colorectum
  • 3% of GI leiomyomas occur in colon
  • 2/3 male, median age 62 years (range 38 to 85 years)
  • Benign, total excision is adequate treatment
Case Reports
Gross Description
  • 4 mm, usually rectosigmoid, firm, white and well delineated polypoid lesion
Micro Description
  • Well differentiated smooth muscle cells beneath mucosa that obliterates and merges with muscularis mucosa
  • May have significant atypia (symplastic leiomyoma)
  • Usually no mitotic activity, no necrosis
Micro Images

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Leiomyoma of muscularis mucosa

Symplastic leiomyoma

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