Colon tumor
Polyps-general of colon

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Definition / general
  • Mass protruding above the colonic mucosa into lumen of gut
  • Sessile: no stalk
  • Pedunculated: with stalk, may be due to traction on the mass
  • Hamartomatous / inflammatory: polyp due to abnormal maturation or architecture (hamartomatous), or inflammation
  • Neoplastic / adenomatous: polyp due to proliferation and dysplasia of epithelium
Clinical features
  • Polypoid lesions may also be due to mucosal or submucosal tumors
  • Clinical impression correlates poorly with neoplasia (J Gastroenterol Hepatol 2006;21:563)
  • Appelman recommends calling "benign mucosal polyp" unless (a) diagnosis is adenoma [the only diagnosis that causes clinicians to do anything different] or (b) you can classify it within 30 seconds