Middle ear and inner ear tumors - benign / nonneoplastic


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Nat Pernick, M.D.
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Definition / general
  • Also called lipomatous choristoma
  • Rare tumor of cranial nerve VIII within acoustic canal or cerebellopontine angle
  • 0.1% of cerebellopontine angle tumors; may be misdiagnosed radiologically as vestibular schwannoma
  • May be a congenital malformation
  • Indolent behavior, in contrast to acoustic neuroma or meningioma
  • 70% men; associated with hearing loss
Radiology images

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Lipochoristoma of internal auditory canal

Case reports
  • 51 year old woman with left sided severe hearing loss, tinnitus, mild episodic vertigo and facial paresthesias progressive over 1 year (J Neurol Surg Rep 2015;76:e52)
  • Conservative management with interval imaging is recommended due to the indolent nature and intimate involvement of the auditory nerve (J Neurol Surg Rep 2015;76:e52)
  • Surgery is reserved for growing lesions or those with disabling vestibular symptoms
Gross description
  • Arise from CN VIII (cochlear or vestibular branch), pink-ivory-gray-maroon, soft rubbery, unilateral
Microscopic (histologic) description
  • Normal nerve components (myelinated nerve branches, glia cells, neurons, small thin walled vessels), mature adipose tissue with variable amounts of mature fibrous tissue, tortuous thick walled vessels, smooth muscle bundles and skeletal muscle fibers
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