Colon tumor
Familial polyposis syndromes
Gardner syndrome

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Definition / General
Essential Features
  • Features of FAP and extraintestinal lesions, including desmoid tumors, bone osteomas and fibromas
  • Due to a mutation in the APC tumor suppressor gene
  • Rarely also called Plenk-Gardner syndrome
  • Incidence of 1 per million in US
  • Colonic adenomatous polyps plus extraintestinal features, including multiple osteomas (skull, mandible and long bones), epidermal cysts, desmoid fibromatosis (10%, usually arise after intra-abdominal surgery, aggressive and may cause death), fibromas, lipomas, impacted and supernumerary teeth, dental cysts and congenital hypertrophy of retinal pigment epithelium
Case Reports
Clinical Images

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Abdominal CT showing desmoid fibromatosis
in Gardner syndrome patient

Gross Images

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Colectomy specimen from 11 year old girl

Innumerable colon polyps from Gardner patient

Desmoid fibromatosis

Micro Images

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Desmoid tumor / mesenteric fibromatosis

Colonic adenoma

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