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Last revised 21 September 2018

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Hematopathology - Part 2 (myeloid) - December 2018
Breast - March 2019
CNS - March 2019
Soft Tissue - June 2019
GI - 2019 (after WHO Blue Book is published)

Pathology Humor

Email Newsletters / Lists

  • Case of the Week: Currently 8,110 subscribers. Sent 3 weeks each month. Contains an interesting pathology related case with images and a short discussion that can be reviewed in 5-10 minutes. Visit our Case of the Week Home page.

  • Commercial: Currently 7,654 subscribers. Sent from time to time, no more than weekly. Some include a drawing for a $50 Amazon gift card. To be eligible, you must be a current subscriber who opens the email and provide your name and institution within 1 week of the winning notice.

  • Jobs, Fellowships and Conferences: Currently 5,665 subscribers. Sent biweekly. Lists new postings for Pathologist, Ph.D. and related Jobs, Fellowships, Conferences and CME.

  • Monthly updates (formerly called Website news): Currently 4,710 subscribers. Lists new and updated features of the website (see Blog) and new books added to the Books pages.

  • What's New in Pathology: Currently 10,063 subscribers. Typically sent every 3 months. Written by members of the Editorial Board.

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