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General: primary references   hemostasis-general   normal hemostasis   intrinsic pathway   extrinsic pathway   common pathway   protein C/S   thrombomodulin   antithrombin   fibrinolysis pathway   contact system

Bleeding disorders: general   laboratory approach

Acquired bleeding disorders: acute phase reaction   acquired dysfibrinogenemia   acquired von Willebrand disease   amyloidosis   bovine coagulation factor inhibitors   DIC   factor V inhibitor   factor VIII inhibitor   inhibitors in nonhemophilia patients   factor IX inhibitor   liver dysfunction   lupus anticoagulants   proteinuria   Vitamin K deficiency/warfarin

Hereditary bleeding disorders: general   algorithm for workup   factor I (fibrinogen) deficiency   factor II (prothrombin) deficiency   factor V deficiency   factor VII deficiency   factor VIII deficiency (hemophilia A)   factor IX deficiency (hemophilia B)   factor X deficiency   factor XI deficiency   factor XII deficiency   factor XIII deficiency   high molecular weight kininogen deficiency   prekallifrein deficiency   von Willebrand disease

Therapy related coagulopathies: warfarin   danaparoid   heparin    heparin-low molecular weight   hirudin   thrombolytic therapy

Acquired thrombophilia / hypercoagulopathies: general   antiphospholipid antibodies   heparin induced thrombocytopenia

Hereditary thrombophilia / hypercoagulopathies: general   activated protein C resistance / Factor V Leiden   antithrombin deficiency   dysfibrinogenemia   elevated coagulation factors   heparin cofactor II deficiency   hyperhomocysteinemia   protein C deficiency   protein S deficiency   prothrombin gene mutation (G20210A)   sickle cell disease

Coagulation laboratory tests: general   quality assurance   abnormal PT and PTT   activated clotting time   activated protein C resistance / Factor V Leiden   anticardiolipin antibodies   antiplasmin   antithrombin    bleeding time   clot retraction   cryoglobulin / cryofibrinogen   D-dimer   dabigatran   ecarin clotting time   factor assays   factor I (fibrinogen) assay   factor V Leiden   factor VII assay   factor VIII assay   factor VIII inhibitor   factor IX assay   factor Xa assay   factor XI assay   factor XIII assay   heparin induced thrombocytopenia   heparinase   high molecular weight kininogen   homocysteine   hypercoagulation panel   INR   International sensitivity index   low molecular weight heparin   lupus anticoagulant   mixing studies   plasminogen assay   plasminogen activator antigen-1 (PAI1)   platelet aggregation studies   platelet antibodies   platelet hyperaggregation studies   prekallikrein assay   protein C assays   protein S assays   prothrombin gene 20210A   PT   aPTT   reptilase time   thrombin time   tPA   vWF testing-general   vWF antigen analysis   vWF activity   vWF multimer analysis

Superpages: entire chapter

Alphabetical table of contents

A-E: abnormal PT and PTT testing   acquired dysfibrinogenemia   acquired thrombophilia / hypercoagulopathies-general   acquired von Willebrand disease   activated clotting time   activated protein C resistance / Factor V Leiden   activated protein C resistance / Factor V Leiden testing   acute phase reaction   amyloidosis   anticardiolipin antibody testing   antiphospholipid antibodies   antiplasmin testing   antithrombin   antithrombin deficiency   antithrombin testing    aPTT testing   bleeding disorders-general   bleeding disorders-laboratory approach   bleeding time   bovine coagulation factor inhibitors   clot retraction testing   coagulation laboratory tests-general   common pathway   contact system   cryoglobulin / cryofibrinogen testing   D-dimer testing   dabigatran testing   danaparoid   DIC   dysfibrinogenemia   ecarin clotting time   elevated coagulation factors   extrinsic pathway

F: factor assays   factor I (fibrinogen) assay   factor I (fibrinogen) deficiency   factor II (prothrombin) deficiency   factor V deficiency   factor V inhibitor   factor V Leiden testing   factor VII assay   factor VII deficiency   factor VIII assay   factor VIII deficiency (hemophilia A)   factor VIII inhibitor   factor VIII inhibitor testing   factor IX assay   factor IX deficiency (hemophilia B)   factor IX inhibitor   factor X deficiency   factor Xa assay   factor XI assay   factor XI deficiency   factor XII deficiency   factor XIII assay   factor XIII deficiency   fibrinolysis pathway

G-N: hemostasis-general   heparin   heparin cofactor II deficiency   heparin induced thrombocytopenia   heparin induced thrombocytopenia testing   heparin-low molecular weight   heparinase testing   hereditary bleeding disorders-algorithm for workup   hereditary bleeding disorders-general   hereditary thrombophilia / hypercoagulopathies-general   high molecular weight kininogen deficiency   high molecular weight kininogen testing   hirudin   homocysteine testing   hypercoagulation panel   hyperhomocysteinemia   inhibitors in nonhemophilia patients   INR testing   International sensitivity index   intrinsic pathway   liver dysfunction   low molecular weight heparin testing   lupus anticoagulant testing   lupus anticoagulants   mixing studies   normal hemostasis

O-Z: plasminogen activator antigen-1 (PAI1) testing   plasminogen assay   platelet aggregation studies   platelet antibodies   platelet hyperaggregation studies   prekallikrein assay   prekallifrein deficiency   primary references   protein C / S-normal   protein C assays   protein C deficiency   protein S assays   protein S deficiency   proteinuria   prothrombin gene 20210A testing   prothrombin gene mutation (G20210A)   PT testing   quality assurance   reptilase time   sickle cell disease   thrombin time   thrombolytic therapy   thrombomodulin   tPA testing   Vitamin K deficiency/warfarin   von Willebrand disease   vWF testing-general   vWF antigen analysis   vWF activity   vWF multimer analysis   warfarin

Primary references

Consultative Hemostasis and Thrombosis: Elsevier, 2007
Massachusetts General Hospital handbook

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