Ovary tumor
Metastases to ovary

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Definition / General
  • Common site for metastases; 5-10% of ovarian tumors are metastases (Acta Medica Medianae 2007;46:61)
  • Usually are bilateral, small, multinodular surface tumors with extensive extraovarian spread
  • Most common metastases are from endometrium, appendix (adenocarcinoid or mucinous adenocarcinoma), breast, colon, carcinoid, pancreas and stomach
  • Metastatic mucinous carcinomas are most difficult to distinguish from primary mucinous ovarian neoplasm
Clinical Features
  • Symptoms of primary tumor with or without abdominal mass / pain / rectal bleeding / jaundice
  • Final diagnosis by histology and immunohistochemistry
  • CA125 normal or raised
Case Reports
  • Debulking surgery with or without chemotherapy
Clinical Images

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Solid cystic bilateral ovarian mass

Gross Description
  • Laterality: mostly bilateral
  • Size: mostly < 10cm
  • Surface involvement: mostly multiple small nodules on surface
  • Extensive intraabdominal spread: mostly true for metastatic mucinous tumor
  • Hilar involvement common in hematogenous spread
Gross Images

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Bilateral ovarian masses with surface nodularity

Micro Description
  • Similar to primary tumor
  • Multinodular growth pattern with intervening normal ovarian parenchyma
  • Multiple vascular emboli
  • Specific pattern favouring metastasis includes signet ring carcinoma, pseudomyxoma peritoni, colloid carcinoma, infiltrative pattern of small glands with desmoplastic reaction, single cell infiltration
Micro Images

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Signet ring cells

Positive Stains
  • Depends on primary tumor:
Negative Stains
Differential Diagnosis