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Table of contents

General: primary references   embryology   anatomy   histology   physiology   cytology   cytodiagnostic groups   FNA tissue effects   crystals   variations

Congenital/metabolic anomalies: aplasia/hypoplasia   branchial pouch/cleft anomalies   cystic ultimobranchial body remnants   cystinosis   DiGeorge syndrome   heterotopic thyroid tissue   lateral aberrant thyroid   lymph nodes with thyroid tissue   lymphoepithelial cyst   parasitic nodule   parathyroid tissue   solid cell nests   Tay-Sachs   thymic tissue   thyroglossal duct/cyst

Endocrine abnormalities: amiodarone   cretinism   hyperthyroidism   hypothyroidism   myxedema

Thyroiditis: acute   autoimmune   focal lymphocytic   Hashimoto’s   infectious   lithium   palpation   post-operative   post-partum   radiation   Riedel’s   SARS   silent   subacute

Bethesda guidelines: adequacydiagnostic categoriesbenign   atypia of undetermined significance   follicular neoplasmsuspicious for malignancymalignant

Competency Assessment: introductionnormal glandFNAspecimendiagnosisbenignneoplasmmalignantmolecularpractice monitors

Hyperplasia / goiter: amyloid goiter   C cell hyperplasia   dyshormonogenetic goiter   endemic goiter   Graves’ disease   simple and nontoxic multinodular goiter   solitary papillary hyperplastic nodule   toxic multinodular goiter

Miscellaneous non-neoplastic: black / pigmented thyroid   calcification   Killian-Jamieson diverticulum   malakoplakia   plasma cell granuloma   sarcoidosis   teflon

Benign neoplasms: follicular adenoma   granular cell tumor   hyalinizing trabecular neoplasm   lymphangioma   paraganglioma   post-operative spindle cell nodule   rhabdomyoma   Rosai-Dorfman disease   solitary fibrous tumor   solitary thyroid nodule

Thyroid cancer: general   WHO classification   children

Papillary thyroid carcinoma: general   cytology   children   
variants: columnar cell   cribriform-morular   diffuse follicular   diffuse sclerosing   encapsulated   encapsulated follicular   follicular   macrofollicular   microcarcinoma   nodular fasciitis   oncocytic   solid   tall cell   Warthin-like

Other thyroid carcinoma: anaplastic   CASTLE   follicular   Hürthle cell (oncocytic) tumors   insular/poorly differentiated   medullary   metastases   mucoepidermoid   sclerosing mucoepidermoid with eosinophilia   SETTLE   squamous cell   well differentiated NOS   well differentiated of uncertain malignant potential

Other malignancies: angiosarcoma   hemangiopericytoma   Langerhans cell histiocytosis   lymphoma   neuroblastoma   plasmacytoma   sarcoma   teratoma

Miscellaneous: clear cell change   features to report   frozen section   grossing   staging

Index (Alphabetical table of contents)

A-E: acute thyroiditis   amiodarone-induced hyperthyroidism   amyloid goiter   anaplastic carcinoma   anatomy   angiosarcoma   aplasia/hypoplasia   autoimmune thyroiditis   Bethesda guidelines: adequacyBethesda guidelines: atypia of undetermined significance   Bethesda guidelines: benign   Bethesda guidelines: diagnostic categoriesBethesda guidelines: follicular neoplasmBethesda guidelines: malignant   Bethesda guidelines: suspicious for malignancyblack / pigmented thyroid   branchial pouch/cleft anomalies   C cell hyperplasia   calcification   CASTLE   clear cell change   columnar cell variant of PTC   cretinism   cribriform-morular variant of PTC   crystals   cystic ultimobranchial body remnants   cystinosis   cytodiagnostic groups   cytology   diffuse follicular variant of PTC   diffuse sclerosing variant of PTC   DiGeorge syndrome   dyshormonogenetic goiter   embryology   encapsulated follicular variant of PTC   encapsulated variant of PTC   endemic goiter

F-N: features to report   FNA tissue effects   focal lymphocytic thyroiditis   follicular adenoma   follicular carcinoma   follicular variant of PTC   frozen section   granular cell tumor   Graves’ disease   grossing   Hashimoto’s thyroiditis   hemangiopericytoma   heterotopic thyroid tissue   histology   Hürthle cell (oncocytic) tumors   hyalinizing trabecular neoplasm   hyperthyroidism   hypothyroidism   infectious thyroiditis   insular/poorly differentiated carcinoma   Killian-Jamieson diverticulum   Langerhans cell histiocytosis   lateral aberrant thyroid   lithium thyroiditis   lymph nodes with thyroid tissue   lymphangioma   lymphoepithelial cyst   lymphoma   macrofollicular variant of PTC   malakoplakia   medullary carcinoma   metastases   microcarcinoma variant of PTC   mucoepidermoid carcinoma   myxedema   neuroblastoma   nodular fasciitis variant of PTC

O-Z: oncocytic variant of PTC   palpation thyroiditis   papillary thyroid carcinoma-children   papillary thyroid carcinoma-cytology   papillary thyroid carcinoma-general   paraganglioma   parasitic nodule   parathyroid tissue   physiology   plasma cell granuloma   plasmacytoma   post-operative spindle cell nodule   post-operative thyroiditis   post-partum thyroiditis   primary references   radiation thyroiditis   rhabdomyoma   Riedel’s thyroiditis   Rosai-Dorfman disease   sarcoidosis   sarcoma   SARS thyroiditis   sclerosing mucoepidermoid carcinoma with eosinophilia   SETTLE   silent thyroiditis   simple and nontoxic multinodular goiter   solid cell nests   solid variant of PTC   solitary fibrous tumor   solitary papillary hyperplastic nodule   solitary thyroid nodule   squamous cell carcinoma   staging   subacute thyroiditis   tall cell variant of PTC   Tay-Sachs   teflon in thyroid   teratoma   thymic tissue   thyroglossal duct/cyst   thyroid cancer-children   thyroid cancer-general   toxic multinodular goiter   variations of normal   Warthin-like variant of PTC   well differentiated carcinoma NOS   well differentiated carcinoma of uncertain malignant potential   WHO classification of thyroid cancer

Primary references:

AJCC Cancer Staging Manual (7th ed)
Lloyd: Endocrine Diseases (AFIP Atlas of Nontumor Pathology, 2002, Vol 1)
Rosai: Tumors of the Thyroid Gland (AFIP Atlas of Tumor Pathology, Series 3, Vol 5, 1993)
Websites: PathoPic
Virtual slides: University of Iowa, USCAP, vSlides

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